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Catmint Studios

Pawtisserie Mystery Enamel Pins

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The Pawtisserie is now open! 🍰

Meet the tasty-looking cats of the Pawtisserie! We collaborated with Zandra Illustration to bring you a blind bag set of adorably sweet kitty pins. There are 12 unique cats to collect, each one cuter than the last!


  • Each standard grade mystery bag contains two different cats (one in each pose). You are GUARANTEED two unique cats in each mystery bag. PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase more than one mystery bag, we CANNOT guarantee you will not receive doubles of pins across the bags.
  • NOTE: If you purchase a Seconds Grade bag, you MAY receive two pins in the same pose. You WILL NOT receive duplicate pins in any one bag.
  • NOTE: If you purchase a "Standard Grade SINGLE PIN bag, you will only receive ONE pin.
  • Pins are a complete mystery inside the bags - even to us! We cannot take requests for specific pins.
  • Bags must be cut open with scissors to reveal your pins.
  • Each bag contains a handy checklist/display sheet for keeping track of your collection!



Not sure what a Seconds Grade pin is? Please refer to our Pin Grading Guide for more info!

These pins have very minor imperfections that are often hard to notice. These include things like spots in the enamel, uneven filling, nicks in the plating, small scratches, etc. 



  • Each pin is approximately 1.4" on the longest side, soft enamel, and has colorful screenprinted details.
  • There is one pin exclusively found in mystery bags sold by Catmint Studios (Cupcake), and one pin exclusively found in mystery bags sold by Zandra Illustration (Brownie). All other pins may be found in bags sold by either shop!


☆ Share your pulls! ☆
Show off the pins you pull! Use the hashtag #PawtisserieSweets on Twitter & Instagram to share who you got!

Join our Pin Trading Discord to share your collection, trade with others, & more!

- Please note that these pins do not come attached to backer cards. They will be loose inside of the mystery bags, individually sealed in plastic baggies for protection.


    Thanks so much for supporting our small queer-owned business! ♥ 

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